So who am I?

What is Og's Big Bed?

Why Shot18?

This page seeks to answer these and other questions (like "Why would anyone care?") that you won't have been asking anyway - except for that last one, of course!


My name is Bruce. I'm too old (and even older than that according to my daughters), too fat, and too apathetic to care. Well, that's not strictly true - I just can't be bothered to exercise despite knowing I ought to, and I probably would enjoy getting back on my bike if only I could be bothered to fix it!

I'm married to Keren, and we have three beautiful, horrible, gorgeous, annoying, wonderful, awful, fantastic daughters. I used to say I had two angels and one monster - I could just never tell who was which at any given time. Now I'm just not so sure... but I love them loads.

I have a job, which conveniently fills up around 35-40 hours a week, plus the time it takes to travel to and from wherever it is I'm supposed to be - usually somewhere in East Anglia, but occassionally further afield. I've been known to drive to Anglesey for a day, Devon for 2, and once I flew to Scotland for 24 hours, during which time I did approximately 4 hours work. I won't bore you with what I do 'cos, well, it is generally boring stuff (isn't that what work is supposed to be?) but I like my job, and I generally enjoy doing it.

When not working I'm usually wasting time on this thing - no not my webpage, but the PC generally - surfing, playing, listening, watching... basically anything which involves not doing something my wife wants me to do.

I'd like to spend more time woodturning - this is something I enjoy a lot, but it eats up hours - as well as lumps of wood - and only occassionally do I managed to produce something worthy of what I expect from myself. Otherwise I make lots of shavings, sawdust, and some very small pieces of firewood (i.e the bits leftover after making the shavings and sawdust)

Other stuff I enjoy...
I have a small collection of orchids, which steadfastly refuse to flower; a small collection of cacti, which resolutely grow whether I feed and water them or not; and a collection of Baoulé gold weights, which sit in a display case and look good (I might add a page about these weights at a later date... good idea!), but really all these things need little input from me (although perhaps if I paid more attention the orchids would flower, the cacti grow more, and I'd understand more about Baoulé gold weights...sigh).

I enjoy cycling - but usually this involves me sitting in front of the telly whilst professional riders show off their stuff (whether that be inside a velodrome, or out on the roads a la Tour de France). I avidly followed the recent Tour Series, a brand new City Centre team cycling event, raced in 10 towns and cities across England - getting to see the riders up close in person at Peterborough, Colchester, and at the finale at Southend, as well as via the wonders of the cathode ray tube (or whatever the modern equivalent is nowadays). Thankfully ITV4 give some decent coverage of cycling.

Basically what I'm saying is that I have some rather intersting hobbies, but actually spend very little time pursuing them, instead wasting most of my time sitting in front of a PC or a television. I really need to get out more!

Og's Big Bed...

King Og had a big bed - it measured about 13.5 feet long and 6 feet wide - which means he was a very big fella. Either that, or he slept width ways and shared the bed with others..?!?

Seriously, this bed is mentioned in the Bible - Deuteronomy 3 v.11 to be exact, where it gives the dimension in cubits, as well as stating that the bed was made of iron. It's possible that King Og was actually a small chap who had a big bed made and spread news of it's size simply to impress his enemies ("he must be huge to need a bed that big!"), although the Bible does talk of giants living in those parts at that time. Some Bible Commentators suggest that rather than being a bed, the text actually refers to King Og's coffin (as in his final resting place), and if that is the case then it therefore suggests that he was in fact as big as the measurements suggest. Crikey!

So why do I use "Og's Big Bed" as the name under which I create stuff? Actually I'm not really sure - I've just always thought it'd be a cool name. Do I need another reason? Oh, okay...

I remember discussing with a friend about doing some t-shirt designs (I did badly paint a few t-shirts at one point) and I remember thinking it'd be cool if all the shirts had "How big is yours?" on the back, so that it'd grab people's attention and they'd want to see the front, where I'd have an Og's Big Bed logo. Too corny? Yeah, that's what I thought, so it never happened!

However, when I started woodturning it seemed rather precocious to put my name on the bottom of my pieces (it's traditional to sign works of art!) so using Og's Big Bed seemed like a good idea, and it's been used on all sorts of things since - bags, woodturnings, leaflets I've designed, cards, etc. Basically anything that I have some sort of design or artistic input into gets signed off as "Og's Big Bed". I'm sure it's some sort of sub-concious way to distance myself from the final piece, and so deflect any praise (or critisism) away from me... psychology, anyone?


Shot 18 is a song by New Model Army, from their No Rest for the Wicked album of 1985. Strangely it's not my favourite track, although the opening bars of Shot 18 are also the closing notes from my favourite NMA track, Drag It Down. I remember seeing the band (actually on many occassions) perform this live, with the bass player using a violin bow to create the fantastic bass beat that both closes Drag It Down and introduces Shot 18.

It was sometime around 1986 that we first started using password control to access some programs on computers at work. Previously we had used keys and latterly swipe cards to log-on (now both redundant), but to access this one program we also had to have a 6-digit password - which of course had to include upper and lower case as well as numerals. Shot18 was born!

With passwords being lengthened to at least 8 characters, Shot18 was short lived as a password, but was resurrected when I first got a personal e-mail address - wasn't already taken like bruce@ or b.loxley@ or bloxley@, and when it came to registering my own domain name, just sort of followed that lead. Hey, it works for me - although try saying it over a bad telephone connection... "yes, s, h, o, t, then the number eighteen, as in one eight - yes the digits, not spelt out..."! No wonder I never get any web traffic or e-mail - although unsurprisingly the spammers seem to have found!

Does that answer the questions I set out to resolve? I doubt it. Still you have my e-mail address now - that's if you bothered to read through all that rubbish up there...

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