Gum Burr Barometer

This was a commission for a friend's Mother, who wanted to surprise her husband with a Wedding Anniversary present. I was asked to "refresh" the old man's wirework barometer - a piece his wife never really liked - by mounting it on a piece of figured wood. This piece of Australian Gum Burr fitted the job perfectly.
As you can see I kept part of the wire frame to maintain the link with the original piece (originally there was a second "triangle" of wire around the piece you see here, looping down to include the barometer). The small brass flower decoration cleaned up beautifully, and the wire just needed a count of Airfix model paint to bring it back to life. Other than that it was just hours of work sanding, sanding, and sanding the burr again using grits from 80 through to 1500 until the figure shone.

barometer barometer

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