Uganda 2009 - where were they?

So you clicked the link then? And are rewarded with a couple of maps cropped from Google that you could probably have found yourself anyway! Still, you've come this far so lets have a look...

This first map shows the location of Masaka within Uganda (highlighted by the handy "A" marker). That huge lake at the bottom is Lake Victoria, not Lake Nabugabo - you'll see that on the next pic.

Map of Uganda

Next up we zoom in to pick up Masaka itself - and the observant amungst you will also spot Kasaka - although confusingly this is not the Kasaka Village where the school is... that's located on the penisula between Makonzi and Bukakata. The huge area of blue in the bottom right corner is the edge of Lake Victoria, with the smaller oval shaped lake being Lake Nabugabo. Kampala is off the map - way up off the top right corner - and Kyetume off to the West, down the Mbarara-Masaka Road.

Terrain view of Masaka and surrounds

This third image zooms in on the town, with some helpful markers courtesy of Google maps. At the centre top, you may spot the Tropic Inn - highlighted by a pink bed - which is where the swimming lessons took place each Saturday. The Internet Cafe is located on the same road (Broadway Rd), a couple of hundred yards to the south.

Further down (middle bottom), highlighted by a red dot, you'll spot the Catholic Resource Centre - the final map zooms in just below that as Alan & Beryl live close by - on Bwala Hill Rd...

Masaka Town

So now we get as close as Google will allow - another of those handy "A" markers showing the Went's house (and if you look real close you might just make out Alan waving to the satelite as it flys over! Gotcha!!)

Alan & Beryl's house

Hope that gives you some sort of idea where Craig and the girls were staying / working.

The team - Becky, Simone, & Craig, together with chaperone's Grandma & Grandad (Barrie & Ruth, who between them have almost 80 years Africa experience) headed to Uganda on Tuesday 7th July, and returned on Monday 24th August.

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