In case you're interested, this page gives reports from all our Fundraising activities for

Uganda 2009

By June 2009 we had exceeded our target of 8,000, which gives the team a small contingency fund for their trip

Many thanks to everyone who made donations, including Theo, Grace Community Church, Linda, Leslie & Dave, Grandma & Grandad, Steve & Sarah, Pat & Chris, Dawn & Simon, Stephanie, Downham Market High School, the Fenman Classic Bike Show team, Dave Marie & Grace, The Coots, Bernie & Gill, Ken & Joyce, the Dyspraxia Club, Auntie Mary, Norfolk County Council (via Norfolk Youth Fund), all the team at Baytree Nurseries, Omega Lifestyles, Vera, Steve Rhonda & the Girls, and Neville & Diane - as well as to everyone who donated items for last year's Auction and the numerous tombola's, as well as to everyone who helped out at the Events - especially Nicole, who has been dragged along to more than her fair share (particularly difficult as the fundraising has been for her sisters!)

Here's a link to What's up in Masaka - there's another one at the foot of this long list of activities just in case you fancy reading them all!

Firstly, please can we say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported these events, either helping out, donating items, or simply by turning up with wallets...


Fundraising Dinner

Saturday 20th June saw 18 guests tuck into Roasted Vegetables Soup or Melon, followed by Chicken Chasseur, then dessert and coffee, all whilst seated round a long table in our front room!

The original idea was to use Stowbridge Village Hall and set it up restuarant style, but with only 14 people having booked it seemed pointless paying out for the Hall unnecessarily, so the dinner was moved to our house. With 4 additions taking the numbers to 18 this made for quite a squeeze, but everyone appeared to have a good time, and after taking into account the cost of the meal we raised just over 190 - definitely worth the hours "slaving" first over the stove, then the washing-up bowl! Many thanks to all those who supported this event.

Downham Market High School PTA Car Boot Sale

On Sunday 26th April we got up early and headed off to School, where we had three tables full of bits and pieces - mainly items left over from last years Auction, plus various other items that had been donated during the past year. This was our last attempt to turn these items into cash, so all the unsold items have since been donated to Charity Shops around town.

When we made the final count of cash raised at the Boot Sale, we had taken 87.13 - and that was after paying 12 for the large pitch - meaning we took nearly 100 in sales during the morning. Many thanks to everyone who purchased items, and to DMHS PTA who hold these successful boot sales on a fairly regular basis.

Teachers Car Wash

Monday 20th April was a non-pupil day at DMHS, but all the teachers had to be in - meaning their cars were parked in the car park all day, and we had free rein (and access to clean water) without the impediment of pupils wandering about, nor school buses trundling around. During the course of the day we managed to wash 18 cars, raising 90. This was very hard work, so many thanks particularly to Mum, Grandad, & Nicole who stuck it out all day, as well as to Ross, Amy & Charis for their help. We'd also like to say a huge thank-you to Miss Jackson for her fantastic support, and to all the teachers who entrusted their cars to us!

Bag Packing at Baytree Nurseries, Weston, Nr Spalding

Over the Easter weekend we took a small team of bag-packers to Baytree Nurseries where we were primarily employed to stuff leaflets for Omega Lifestyles (who sell Conservatories & Driveways, etc.) into the shopping bags of customers. However, we also had donation buckets on the tills and many customers generously donated their change in exchange for the small service of packing their purchases into bags or boxes. Over the course of 3 days (the Nursery was closed Easter Sunday) we raised 146.12, plus an Australian dollar! In addition, Nigel, the Manager at Baytree, kindly gave 20 taking the total to 166. We also received a donation of 200 from Omega Lifestyles in "payment" for stuffing 1,000 of their leaflets into bags and boxes during the weekend.

Many thanks to Nigel, his great staff, and to the many customers who made our time behind the tills so enjoyable, as well as to John and Kate at Omega Lifestyles for giving us the opportunity and "employment".

Table-top Sale - King's Lynn

On Saturday 28th February we took boxes of books, toys, and miscellaneous items, together with a tombola, to the Dyspraxia Club meeting at the Discovery Centre in King's Lynn, where club members were generous with both donations for the tombola and with their purchases of items. During the course of 4 hours we raised 33.30 from the handful of parents at the Club. Many thanks to Geraldine & Ros for allowing us to come along, and thank you to everyone who bought something.

The Coots gig

We had a great evening with The Coots on 17th January - over 150 people had a good time listening to two sets of guitar-based covers performed by The Coots - tunes included songs from The Beatles, The Animals, Buzzcocks, Undertones, the Kooks, Franz Ferdinand, and the Arctic Monkeys, amungst others. This was a joint fundraiser, with the bar takings (kindly provided by Ed Landymore and his team) going to the Stow Cricket Club, proceeds from the Raffle going to our Fundraising, and the ticket sales split evenly between ourselves and the band.

Many thanks to Stowbridge Village Hall, The Coots, Ed Landymore and his bar staff, Derek, John, & Tom for "bouncing", and to all those who helped clean up after the event. Also a huge thank you to all those who came along, danced, sung-along, and bought raffle tickets!

Stowbridge Christmas Bazaar

On Saturday 6th December we were delighted to support the Stowbridge Playground Committee by filling a few tables at this fundraiser. We ran a Shuffleboard stall to raise funds for the Playground, whilst also running a Pop-a-Balloon competition and a Tombola for the Uganda Fund. We also had some books and videos for sale, which went down well. We came away with 69.45 towards the girls' fund.

Many thanks to Neil & Derek for inviting us along, and to everyone who supported the event.

Downham Christmas Lights

It was a very cold and wet Saturday in November when Downham Market switched on it's Christmas Lights. We held a small Tombola next to our friend Suzie's Craft stall, and despite the awful weather we raised 38 from the few hardy souls who ventured out in the rain.

We were very pleased to have been allowed to share Suzie's stall. It was just a shame the weather let us down - but the lights looked great anyway!

Yours South Lynn Halloween Party

On Saturday 1st November we were delighted to be asked to join in at the Yours South Lynn Halloween Street Party, which unfortunately finished early following a downpour in the early evening. The Event included a live band as well as a fire-eater and other street entertainers, and despite the cold and eventual wet weather we were delighted to raise 45 with a tombola and sale of books.

Many thanks to Kerry for inviting us along, and to the residents who supported the event.

Stowbridge Yard Sale

On Saturday 30th August a number of households in Stowbridge opened up their front gardens, filled them with bits and pieces from their garages and lofts, and held a village-wide Yard Sale. A great idea, as the combined advertising brought a steady stream of visitors to the various stalls scattered around the village (17 in all).

We were very pleased to have been allowed to share the front garden at Stephanie's, and had a successful day with a small Tombola and also selling on some of the items left over from the Auction. When we counted up the funds at the end of the day we were very surprised to have made 154.45!

Fenman Classic Bike Show

We were delighted to have been provided an opportunity to hold a "stall" at the Fenman Bike Show - an annual event held in Wimbotsham every August Bank Holiday Monday.

On 25th August we set up camp on the Village Green with a Tombola and a Shuffleboard competition, raising a noteworthy 130 during the course of the day. Many thanks to the organisers for allowing us the pitch, and to all the bikers and visitors to the Show who make the Show such a success.

Following the Event we were delighted to hear from the Fenman Club that they would like to donate the sum of 150 to the Uganda Fund from the monies they raised during the Event - and we are looking forward to attending their annual meeting to collect the cheque - many thanks.

Family Quiz Evening, 28th June 2008

We've held the Family Quiz Evening at Stowbridge Village Hall on Saturday 28th June, where we saw 7 teams battle it out during an entertaining evening. We learned that everyone knew far more about children's cartoons than Geography, History, or Literature!! The Watlington Wanderers scored the highest, and walked away with the prize. Many thanks to everyone who supported this event.

The Big Auction

The Big Auction was held on 22nd May, and although turnout was lower than we had hoped, we raised in excess of 700 - many thanks to everyone who came along and especially those who made bids. Also a huge thank you to Barry Hawkins of Barry L Hawkins who not only oversaw the auction of lots, but also kept everyone entertained throughout. We'd also like to thank Mr Gates for his kind words at the end of the auction. Thank you all.


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