The team are now in Masaka, the culmination of 2-years fund-raising for

Uganda 2009

We are three teenagers from Downham Market, who have just completed our fundraising so that this summer we can go to Uganda to help with a charity that helps children.

Love in Action (International) is a charity registered in the UK, with the aim of helping to educate poor and needy Ugandan children - many of whom are either orphaned due to conflict or AIDS, or who have been unable to remain in their family unit due to a lack of money despite one or both parents being alive. As a result, many of these children are unable to fund their education - in Uganda children have to pay for their schooling. Love in Action (International) was set up by a British couple, Alan and Beryl Went from Colchester in Essex, who now live and work in Masaka, Uganda.

We will be spending time with these children to do our part to make a difference in their lives. Our plans are to go and be willing to participate in various projects that the Charity is involved in - primarily in education, so we will be helping in classes i.e. with reading, English conversation, ICT skills, PE and swimming lessons, etc. - but also on a more "hands-dirty" level by helping with jobs such as painting classrooms and general upkeep.

One particular activity we have been asked to undertake is to teach a group of students how to swim, as many Africans are unable to do so, and it can prove a vital survival skill. Craig has recently passed his Life Savers Certificate, and will be able to pass on many of the skills learned onto the children.

We are also planning to teach school-yard games, as many of the younger children don't understand the concept of "play", as they have to grow-up so quickly to become bread-winners for their families, or at least undertake the many chores they have to complete after school, including collecting water, preparing the evening meal, and looking after younger family members.

We were delighted to spend time with Alan & Beryl during their recent trip to the UK, during which time we were able to properly budget for the 7-week trip, including food, accommodation, and travel costs whilst in Uganda. As a result of this re-forecast, we identified that we had under budgeted by around 2,000 - partly as a result of increased flight costs as well as additional vaccinations recommended by our GP. This meant that we needed to raise 8,000 in total, to cover all costs i.e. flights, insurance, visas, vaccinations, accommodation, food, etc., plus enable us to buy some essential equipment needed, including games equipment and craft supplies.

During June 2009, we hit target with a little extra, so all the hard work and generousity has paid off - and the team now have a small contingency fund in place. Many thanks to everyone who donated or helped us raise these funds. If you are interested, please see our fundraising activities page which gives details of all the events we held or participated in.

The team - Becky, Simone, & Craig, together with chaperone's Grandma & Grandad (Barrie & Ruth, who between them have almost 80 years Africa experience) - headed out on Tuesday 7th July, and return to the UK on Monday 24th August.

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