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This is supposed to be my web page, but it was initially invaded by my daughters' fundraising efforts for their trip to Uganda, but now is a way of keeping friends and anyone else who's interested up-to-date with the trip.

On Saturday 17th October, the team gave a presentation about their trip at Stowbridge Village Hall. Follow this link for a web-version of their presentation.

Also available is a page which gives a series of updates provided during the 7-week trip "What's up in Masaka". .

In addition, Simone has updated the photo's on her Flickr page - there are a few new ones, plus a bit of description with each... check them out here

And for a series of maps showing where the team was working click this link

If you're interested in the background to the trip, then read Uganda Trip, which gives an introduction to the trip, where the girls are supporting a charity, Love in Action (International), run by our friends Alan & Beryl Went. There is also the fundraising activities page which gives details of all the activites and events that we held to raise the funds necessary.

At some point in the future I'm hoping to re-take control of my website, and get links to cover various stuff that I have my sticky fingers stuck into, including Og's Big Bed, the name under which I create various items, as well as other interests, an example being music - I have an "essay" about some of my favourite tunes / influences available via Albeit Flawed, and I've also added a list of books I've read over the past few years via a link I'm calling "The Bookshelf".

Oh yeah, and there's also one of those annoying "About" pages which seeks to answer those important questions like "Who am I?" and "What is Og's Big Bed?"

If you're interested, have a click on the links.

I hope you enjoy your visit

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