Welcome to leMarais Music website

If you have arrived here it's because you have seen a poster or CD cover produced by my daughter for her college course. The band leMarais do not exist (although the 20 second clip attached to the poster is from a real band - we just don't know who!)

Becky was provided with 14 tracks from an anonomous band, told to use the imaginary band name "le Marais", and then presented with the task of promoting an album based on the 14 tracks. She had to come up with the branding for the band, give song names to the 14 tracks provided, design the album cover, and then a promotional poster to go with it. These are currently on display at The College of West Anglia, King's Lynn campus - but you knew that anyway, 'cos that is the only way you would have known to search for this web page!

Sorry there isn't more here... but I was just intrigued to see how many people would actually search for a fictitious band from an incorrect web address on a college poster (particularly as you would have had to look closely to see the link anyway!!). Thanks for visiting!

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As I created this page in the (slim) chance that someone might actually search for the totally fictitious leMaraisMusic website, and you were willing to check it out, how about clicking this link to
Shot18.com from which this page is hosted. It's not up-to-date (I really must get that sorted), but you will get to learn about last year's 7-week Uganda trip undertaken by Becky, her sister Simone, and their friend Craig...